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 . . stimulate your spirit to excel. These are the colors of joy and hope. They encourage others to join in. Yet for a majority of designers, an actual study of color psychology is little more than a quaint hobby. Because you may not be aware of the many professional organizations devoted to color psychology, you can easily presume that these studies do not exist. I cannot blame you. This was my assumption when I first learned of these organizations. It was not until I stumbled onto a few of these organizations' websites that I saw firsthand how vast and prolific the field of color psychology is. When viewed from a broader perspective, it becomes clear that the study of color is a fascinating and worthwhile pursuit. As my colleagues and I in the Medical Field know, color is very important. Because of this, I wanted to examine the connections between color and what I know to be the five major diseases that are taking the lives of the world's population. Through our studies, I have found that the colors associated with each of these diseases also carry the same positive energy as the colors of joy and hope. For example, the color red, along with its spectrum, is one of the most powerful colors associated with Heart Disease. In part two of this study, we will explore the common link between color and the five major diseases that are killing us. Here you will learn what color is best for you and why. In part two, we will discuss the color red and how it can be used to improve health and combat the five major diseases, and why the color red is great for daily living. We will also discuss the importance of color for proper skin care. The important part to take away from this study is that the reason why some people are sick, is the same reason that they have an abundance of energy. The task ahead of you is to identify which color is best for you and apply it on a daily basis. Medical Color Associations:  . . . Are they right for you? Thank you, and welcome to part two of this study. I would like to thank you for joining me in this journey. Color History ============= What defines a color? The answer to this question is a source of constant debate among color experts. Color is the reflection of a light source. It is a physical phenomenon and can be measured scientifically. It can be the color of a paint, textiles, or even the skin color of




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Mayuri Telugu Movie Download 720128 neylpow
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